Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sweating In Style

In the last couple of months I've gotten really into going to exercise classes at my local gym (Virgin Active Guildford) - for ages I was too scared to take the plunge, but one day I just thought, "Well, I have to start some time!" I really wanted to get into exercising regularly and not taking a week or two (or more!) off because I don't feel like it. I do love a good session on the crosstrainer but doing that three times a week can get reeeeally boring. I've been to lots of classes now, including body combat, body attack, zumba toning and normal zumba (love them all, though body attack is a killer!). It's so much fun being led through different energising exercises to music and I already feel fitter AND happier.

Anyway, after that much-longer-than-anticipated endorsement for organisedly (don't think that's an actual word...) jumping around to music, down to the actual subject of the post: showing off my lovely new workout gear!

I've been meaning to get new things to exercise in for ages, but kept putting it off, asking myself whether I could really justify spending more than £100 on workout gear. Then during one class the instructor advised me to get new trainers so I had more support and voilĂ , I was provided with the perfect excuse - if a professional is telling me to go shopping, who am I to say no, right?

At the top of the pile of stylish workout brands I felt sure I could trust my feet to was Nike - I've admired their gear for a long time and it's obvious a lot of research and care is put into building the right shoes for the right activity. I went with the Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 Breathe (yep, that's a mouthful) because it seemed to tick all my boxes: breathable, supportive and designed with gym training in mind. I also got these capris, this top and these socks.

I've been using them for a few weeks now and I'm really pleased with what great pieces of kit they are; the trainers are comfortable and cushion my feet when I'm doing all that jumping around, and the clothes feel like a second skin so I avoid the distracting t-shirt -riding-up moments I used to have while doing push-ups etc. I'm already eyeing up my next purchases!

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