Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Over The Weekend

Look at me, I'm on a blogging roll! (*touches wood*) I'm hoping to make it more of a regular thing...I have said this before, but the lovely weather/longer days help with taking photographs worth posting, and I'm definitely feeling a lot more of those positive/creative vibes right now. Anyway, here are a few pictures of my weekend...

My impromptu tulip purchase enjoying the sunlight...they're certainly looking a bit more faded now but hopefully we'll get a few more days out of them!

Shopping! Having done some experimentation in the last year with a few different brands of face washes/scrubs/moisturisers to combat my spot-prone skin and dark circles, I think for now I'm going back to these beauties. Currently I'm using No 7 Beautiful Skin foaming cleanser and their day and night creams for normal/oily skin, as I think my skin was the most spot-free when I used these products before, combined with the St Ives Blemish Fighting Facial Scrub a few times a week for a really good exfoliate to combat blackheads. Also I've just taken the plunge and re-purchased the Benefit It's Potent! eye cream, as while it didn't really make much of a dent in my huge dark circles when I sued it before, it leaves my under-eye area feeling super hydrated and is a good base for their wonderful Erase Paste; if I can't get rid of the circles at least I can hide them well!!

Ahem....I promise I'm not actually turning into a beauty blogger... ;)

Finally, I spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon browsing the M&S home catalogue and their May/June magazine; I often forget they have such lovely trend-led pieces, as clothing-wise my local store seems to cater more for the discerning middle-aged lady rather than younger people.

Hope everyone out there reading is having a great week in the sun - or as much as possible when not at work!

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