Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fuzzy Orchard

Just to clear things up, my title isn't referring to some slightly mouldy fruit trees (ew), but a GORGEOUS house in Somerset which I recently stayed in for four nights for my friend Amy's hen do. Fuzzy Orchard is a huge luxury holiday home in the Somerset countryside. It sleeps up to 12 people and has a swimming pool, sauna and hot tub, plus everything is totally modern and tastefully decorated and all six bedrooms have en-suites - definitely the fanciest place I've ever gone on holiday.

Amy's maid of honour Rachel did a fab job of organising the whole week down to the last detail, so we had something to do every day (more on that to come...) and everything went like clockwork. It was all a total secret as well, so you can imagine how amazing it was to arrive here!

Above is the lovely upstairs lounge (those sofas were ridiculously comfy and spacious) - downstairs there was a games room and the huge kitchen/dining room.

The upstairs balcony had stunning view of the surrounding countryside.

You could open the hot tub up to the elements or enclose it with a dome for night time. If you look in the top left of the above photo you can spot a mischievous little photo bomber...more on him to come in later posts too!

This cute little building (excuse the random upturned chair...) above was even a surprise to Rachel, as it's only a couple of months old and she booked the trip last year! Inside was a little fire pit which we roasted marshmallows over on our last night, with a bench all the way around covered with cushions and some of the softest furry blankets I've ever felt.

I wasn't originally going to devote a whole post just to the house, but it was such a huge and amazing place I thought it deserved it! And that means I can share more photos of the rest of our adventure in my next posts ;)

What's the most amazing place you've stayed on holiday?!


  1. This looks INCREDIBLE!

    Maria xxx

    1. It was amazing!! Definitely the fanciest place I've ever stayed. xxx


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