Saturday, 26 September 2015

Autumnal Outfit

Hi! I've put up a new outfit post over at my new blog, please go check it out and subscribe as I'll be closing this little space in a little while and moving over there!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Blog move!!


This is just to let you know that my little blog has moved! I wasn't happy with what Blogger was doing to my pictures and the options on Wordpress seemed loads better and with better photo quality, so I took the plunge and moved everything over - unfortunately the quality of the photos in my previous posts I've moved is pretty bad, so I'm currently working on uploading those again. Oh, and I changed my name too, hope this won't be too confusing!

I am now over at, please come have a gander and you can also follow me on Bloglovin too. I'll keep this little blog up for a few weeks but will probably delete it eventually so please hop over soon and check out my new post on our first day in Edinburgh. :)



Monday, 13 July 2015

Welsh Travels

I'm here to share some more about my trip to Wales in April, but first - you might have noticed this little blog has undergone a bit of redesign (or possibly un-design at the moment?). I was craving a more minimalist look and while at the moment it's a bit too minimalist, hopefully soon I can get a pretty, simple header up. But for now it's a bit of a work in progress! Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap-ish custom headers...? I've found a few options on etsy but any recommendations would be appreciated!

The above pictures were taken at Ruthin Castle Hotel, which is a completely gorgeous place to spend the afternoon having lunch or tea and spend an afternoon roaming the grounds - which include a huge family of peacocks! If you're so inclined you can get married there, either in one of their reception rooms or with a full medieval theme in their banqueting hall (above) complete with suit of armour - take note, Game of Thrones fans. ;)

Another day we went on a drive to Conwy with my cousin, where we had the most delicious fish and chips with ice cream to follow at Parisella's.

And in Conwy we visited the smallest house in Great Britain! It was actually lived in from the 16th century until 1900 and the last owner was a 6ft 3in fisherman - the whole house is only 10ft 2in and it manages to have two floors. It's well worth paying the £1 to peek inside if you're in the area.

We also took a drive down the coast to Llandudno and various coastal spots and spent an evening with some family in Ruthin listening to some accomplished harp playing from both my cousin and her nine-year-old daughter.

The above picture is the beautiful sunset over Ruthin as seen from outside my cousin's house - the picture does not do it justice though, as is usually the case!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Wales In Sunshine

During those most gloriously sunny days we had in April (and that are just beginning to return), Michael, I and my parents went up to Wales to visit family and enjoy the beautiful Welsh countryside. I've been up to North Wales so many times now that, while not exactly like coming home, there's something so cosy and familiar about arriving in Denbigh... So here are some pictures from our day out at Denbigh Castle and our visit to the beautiful secret garden where my cousin acquired a pet bunny! I had some issues with picture quality and to be honest I am still not happy with how these are looking on blogspot, but I so wanted to share them before going off on an adventure to Edinburgh and Dundee tomorrow and hopefully taking some more lovely pictures.

The entrance to the 'secret garden', full of beautiful garden statues and (many many) pet bunnies for sale...

We met this lovely little fellow on the way to the castle...

The building above used to be a hospital and apparently had an episode of Most Haunted filmed there once! Spooky. Suffice it to say, we didn't get any closer... ;)

Some much needed refreshment was had after a walk around the castle walls...

And we returned to the secret garden where a lovely bunny was met, cuddled, and ultimately purchased!

Monday, 25 May 2015

SS15 Supermarket Homeware

As pretty much everyone has noticed by now, supermarkets have really upped their game in the homeware and clothing stakes over the last few years - with having to compete with the recession and each other, they've been producing some really good and mostly great quality stuff for a price that won't break the bank.

As someone who often likes to change the style of their home/clothes, I'm all for this situation - I've been a big fan of Tesco homeware for the last couple of years, and when I recently saw all the fun new decor options in the SS15 ASDA home catalogue and while browsing my local Sainsbury's, I thought showing you my favourite supermarket finds for this season would make a fun post (while I figure out some issues I'm having with posting my photos on Blogger!).

All the bright primary colours dominating these SS15 supermarket home collections are so gorgeous for the (hopefully) brighter and warmer days ahead - I've actually bought both those Tesco cushions to update our sofa with already, though I haven't actually got them out yet...

I especially love these retro 50s-esque glasses from ASDA - I saw a cute bottle in the same theme in the catalogue, but unfortunately couldn't find it online.

Sadly you can't buy the Sainsbury's home collection online right now, but you can have a broad look at all their current collections and some pieces online and find stores that stock their homeware near wherever you are if you like what you see. I've really been wanting a casserole dish for a while, and although I am totally lusting after this new cool mint Le Creuset collection exclusive to John Lewis, these Sainsbury's options seem just as cute and durable for about a quarter of the price.

I hope I've inspired you to consider supermarkets if you're looking for some cheap and cheerful home accessories these season! What are your favourite pieces?

Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Walk In The Wild

Hello and happy weekend! Isn't this lovely spring weather wonderful?! Blue skies, sunshine and warmth just makes me feel so much better about everything.

Anyway, today I've got some more photos of our stay at Fuzzy Orchard to share with you guys - on our first full day there we took a very eventful walk in the surrounding countryside...

I never knew pigs could be so energetic until this holiday!! This pig and her friend are owned by the person who owns the house we stayed at and he encouraged us to feed them our leftovers, so we went down armed with a lovely bag of rotting food. This pig started jumping up onto the fence as soon as he saw us, oinking and snuffling in excitement!

Then the farm's sheepdog (Star) turned up and started trying to fight the pig for his food, barking and biting the poor pig's ear. Sarah, above - the biggest animal lover I have ever met - was the only one not slightly wary of the excitable pig and was even pleased when she got a kiss out of it...

From afar this looked liked a giant tree, so we made our way to it to investigate and on closer inspection it turned out to be sculpted out of a hedge - cheeky little Star accompanied us all the way there and back towards the farm (and was very protective when an annoyed farmer informed us we were trespassing...oops...).

On the way back we were lucky enough to watch the farmer introducing these triplet lambs into the field of sheep with their mum - the poor little white one seemed pretty confused, but hopefully she managed to join the others in the end...

After that we headed back to the house (with Star trying to follow again!) for a relaxing afternoon and a little evening party, surprised that there was quite so much to see in the little patch of country we managed to explore in only about an hour and a half!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fuzzy Orchard

Just to clear things up, my title isn't referring to some slightly mouldy fruit trees (ew), but a GORGEOUS house in Somerset which I recently stayed in for four nights for my friend Amy's hen do. Fuzzy Orchard is a huge luxury holiday home in the Somerset countryside. It sleeps up to 12 people and has a swimming pool, sauna and hot tub, plus everything is totally modern and tastefully decorated and all six bedrooms have en-suites - definitely the fanciest place I've ever gone on holiday.

Amy's maid of honour Rachel did a fab job of organising the whole week down to the last detail, so we had something to do every day (more on that to come...) and everything went like clockwork. It was all a total secret as well, so you can imagine how amazing it was to arrive here!

Above is the lovely upstairs lounge (those sofas were ridiculously comfy and spacious) - downstairs there was a games room and the huge kitchen/dining room.

The upstairs balcony had stunning view of the surrounding countryside.

You could open the hot tub up to the elements or enclose it with a dome for night time. If you look in the top left of the above photo you can spot a mischievous little photo bomber...more on him to come in later posts too!

This cute little building (excuse the random upturned chair...) above was even a surprise to Rachel, as it's only a couple of months old and she booked the trip last year! Inside was a little fire pit which we roasted marshmallows over on our last night, with a bench all the way around covered with cushions and some of the softest furry blankets I've ever felt.

I wasn't originally going to devote a whole post just to the house, but it was such a huge and amazing place I thought it deserved it! And that means I can share more photos of the rest of our adventure in my next posts ;)

What's the most amazing place you've stayed on holiday?!

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