Wednesday, 14 January 2015


I know I'm a little late to the party, but considering it's not quite the middle of January yet I'm going to say it's still safe to post some resolutions. ;) I've never really made resolutions before but 2015 seemed like the year to do it as I'm more determined to accomplish things than ever before! So without further ado, I am resolved to:

  1. Buy a new (used!) car and get back into driving. Michael and I are well on the way to having enough money to accomplish the first half of this goal, but the second is a little scarier! I passed my test in July 2009 and haven't driven since, having always been fairly nervous about it and then going off to uni in the September. I'm hoping it'll be a little like riding a bike... I'll certainly be having some refresher lessons though!
  2. Keep exercising. In March 2014 I discovered that I absolutely love exercise classes, and so going to the gym magically went from a chore to something pretty fun (most of the time). I slipped a bit in the last few months of the year when moving house made the gym more awkward to get to and the days became shorter and colder, but I'm excited to try to go twice a week most weeks from now on. It's especially motivating to think that in a few weeks I'll be leaving work when it's light again!
  3. Paint the house. When we moved at the end of August it was into a house that we bought - yep, I still can't believe it either - and while it's in reasonably good condition the paint is starting to look a bit worse for wear. And I'm excited to put our own stamp on the place! Now just to convince the boy that this is necessary...
  4. Get new living room furniture/TV. One of the downsides to our new house is that it's pretty tiny and so doesn't actually fit our current living room furniture properly.This isn't a disaster as we inherited it from Michael's parents, so I'm super looking forward to getting some nice modern things that work in the space, and making room for a big fancy smart TV as I'm a big movie/TV buff. Watching a movie made for the big screen on a 19in TV kills me a little every time! Below are a few things I have my eye on:
  1. Do a wardrobe overhaul. I love fashion and I'm looking forward to being more careful about loving everything I buy, getting some quality basics and knowing when it's fine to go for fast fashion and when to look for something more high end. This recent post on A Beautiful Mess was a really interesting insight into how Elsie does this, and her style is always on point. 
  2. Blog more!! I love this little space, posting in it and interacting with other bloggers, so I really want to get it going this year and post and comment more regularly.

There are loads of other things I want out of 2015 (aim high, right!), but I think that's enough to be going on with! I'll try to update on my progress throughout the year to keep me motivated to accomplish these goals.

I love hearing what other people plan for their year - are you rebelling against resolutions or embracing the tradition?!


  1. Oh those bits of furniture are absolutely gorgeous, Next is always a winner.
    Good luck with your resolutions. I'm a bit rubbish and never stick to them so I'm refusing to call mine that...but they are resolutions, tiny ones!
    M x

    1. Thanks! I know, I've always loved Next and used to pore obsessively through my mum's catalogue. I thought I'd aim big for my first real resolutions! We'll see how that goes... x

  2. That furniture is gorgeous! I am rubbish at resolutions, I'm just hoping to get back into running (at some point!) this year!

    Maria xxx

    1. Good luck with the running! Hopefully I can live up to all (or at least most) of my resolutions...I think another blog post is due this weekend!

  3. Driving is the best, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't drive.
    I'm a little 'rev head' though.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I did enjoy driving once I got into it before, at least with the safety of dual control...the problem was I didn't get much practise otherwise because my mum was terrified of me driving her places! Nothing to do with my driving skills, I must add :P This time I can drive with my lovely calm boyfriend though so hopefully it'll go better...


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