Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Walk In The Wild

Hello and happy weekend! Isn't this lovely spring weather wonderful?! Blue skies, sunshine and warmth just makes me feel so much better about everything.

Anyway, today I've got some more photos of our stay at Fuzzy Orchard to share with you guys - on our first full day there we took a very eventful walk in the surrounding countryside...

I never knew pigs could be so energetic until this holiday!! This pig and her friend are owned by the person who owns the house we stayed at and he encouraged us to feed them our leftovers, so we went down armed with a lovely bag of rotting food. This pig started jumping up onto the fence as soon as he saw us, oinking and snuffling in excitement!

Then the farm's sheepdog (Star) turned up and started trying to fight the pig for his food, barking and biting the poor pig's ear. Sarah, above - the biggest animal lover I have ever met - was the only one not slightly wary of the excitable pig and was even pleased when she got a kiss out of it...

From afar this looked liked a giant tree, so we made our way to it to investigate and on closer inspection it turned out to be sculpted out of a hedge - cheeky little Star accompanied us all the way there and back towards the farm (and was very protective when an annoyed farmer informed us we were trespassing...oops...).

On the way back we were lucky enough to watch the farmer introducing these triplet lambs into the field of sheep with their mum - the poor little white one seemed pretty confused, but hopefully she managed to join the others in the end...

After that we headed back to the house (with Star trying to follow again!) for a relaxing afternoon and a little evening party, surprised that there was quite so much to see in the little patch of country we managed to explore in only about an hour and a half!

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