Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Welsh Walk

I had a rather lovely (if sort of frantic) three day weekend dashing around doing nice things - on Friday I went to the Globe with my friend Miriam to see The Last Days of Troy, which was an excellent take on the myth (and funnier than I expected!). We also had a delicious lunch at Theo's Cafe, which belongs to the Globe, including the best vegetable tart I have ever had and at a super reasonable price - perfect for a quick lunch before a performance. Then me and Michael spent the weekend looking after his parents' dog, visiting my parents' cat and having a BBQ with friends on Sunday before heading back to Guildford. Here are some photos I managed to grab of our lovely (and tiring!) Saturday afternoon walk through the woods.

This is Rufus the crazy friendly  Welsh springer spaniel - he's only 18 months old so still loves running/jumping/exploring/licking/play-biting. Lovely but exhausting!

Lovely countryside just outside the suburbs of Reading.

"Surprise carrying!" Rufus was way too interested in some old bonfire of random rubbish and wasn't listening to reason (read: us firmly shouting "no" a lot and looking stern), so drastic action had to be taken...


  1. Your dog is so lovely!)))


    1. Thanks, he is a beauty, sadly not mine though but my boyfriend's parents' dog! :)


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