Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lady Dinah's

I was planning to blog again before this, but sadly illness struck on Friday and I'm only just getting over the blocked nose and general icky feeling (but welcoming in a hacking cough...), but I really wanted to share some pictures of our trip to London a couple of weeks ago to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.

For those of you who haven't heard, Lady Dinah's is London's first cat cafe. Located an interesting 15 minute walk through Spitalfields Market from Liverpool Street Station, it opened in March after a massively successful Kickstarter appeal and is constantly improving. This is the third time I've been and it keeps getting better! There's an upstairs area and a basement, where we sat on this visit; the basement is really cosy and the upstairs is bright and airy, so you have a choice of atmosphere in which to enjoy the beautiful cats.

Let's play spot all the kitties in the above photo...

This little guy was hilarious - he jumped up and would not get down for ages!

This is us half-way through a Plougman's Lunch, banana and custard cake and two "Petra"s - chilli hot chocolates with a shot of raspberry syrup, named after one of the prettiest cats in the place. One of the things that has improved most at Lady Dinah's is the food - there wasn't much on the menu when we first came at the end of March, but now there are a lot of items and everything is delicious. I think this was the best cake I've ever had and the hot chocolate was absolutely divine.

This is the upstairs area - look at that tail!

If you like cats, I would definitely recommend a visit, but don't go expecting cuddles - they'll let you stroke them, but mostly they'd rather play (which is endlessly entertaining) or sleep!

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  1. This sounds super cool, definitely on my to visit list!

    Maria xxx


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