Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Wild North

Hello! Back from a small unintentional blog hiatus - life just somehow got rather busy! But this is my week off, and to start it (and March) off right I made a trip to visit my best friend Aisha in Manchester at the weekend.

Sadly on my one full day there it was pretty gloomy, but thankfully it didn't rain until the evening. I could definitely tell that Manchester is a city in a whole different league to tiny Guildford; all the buildings were so tall and the roads were so wide, and it was a lot more multicultural too. I've never seen  an Armenian Church before!

We sensibly spent the day on indoor activities, such as visiting Manchester Museum, where I had  the biggest latte of my life with hazelnut AND amaretto syrups, all for the bargain price of £2.60!

Of course, there was the usual fare of dinosaurs, mummies, and beautiful Roman and Egyptian artefacts ...

...but also some really interesting animal exhibits, both stuffed and real (!)...

This is the yellow-banded poison dart frog, or 'bumblebee frog'! There were apparently a number of different coloured poisonous frogs hanging around, but we only managed to spot a couple.

After the museum we made a quick stop at The Trafford Centre, Manchester's amazing shopping centre which is like a mini town itself; sadly we only got to spend an hour there because it was Sunday, but I did manage to buy 100ml of tasty peach liqueur from Vom Fass, where you can choose the bottle you want your drink to go in as well as the drink itself! As well as alcoholic drinks you can buy things like balsamic vinegar and oils, and everything looked pretty amazing.

To top off a great weekend, I arrived home to this amazing rainbow:

The photo doesn't do it justice - it was probably the biggest rainbow I've ever seen!

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